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Cloud computing is an information technology system that utilises internet network to save and to share data based on user’s demand and needs. This technology gives simplicity for user to access applications and data through internet anywhere anytime, so there is no need to connect to PC nor physical server whenever it is needed to run the program.

Hypernet computing technology helps business to grow efficiently through cost reduction and technology improvement that suit the business development’s phase. Cloud computing solution helps business’ stakeholders to collaborate with employees, having flexible place to work, network security, and cost efficiency. This solution support business growth without having high investment for information and technology system.

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  • cloud-2

    An application from the Microsoft 365 that consists of email, online office, file storage, and web conferencing

  • cloud-3

    Cloud Managed Backup Service designed to meet the needs of enterprise IT departements, providing reliable backup with centralized management and monitoring.

  • Icon-Cloud-Server-01-2

    Hypernet, powered by Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba, offer a Cloud Computing Service. Cloud Server Service is a growing collection of integrated cloud services including computing, storage and microservices, that can be used by developers and IT Professionals. Customer can gain “pay-as-you-grow” model and expand your infrastructure as your business grow.

Cloud Service

Focus on your business, not your cloud.

  • International Standard

    Competent and trusted in creating and managing cloud systems in your business

  • Microsoft 365

    Familiar, easy and secure data management system

  • Centralization Storage

    Centralized data management