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Aruba: Managing Network Solution for JACCS MPM Finance

Different companies come with different needs. Moreover, the size and the location of a company often affect the kind of management they need to perform between buildings and branches. For example, a company wi...

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Redefining Working From Home With Aruba From Hypernet

COVID-19 hits the world with not only a plague but also stories. Take a look at what happened to some developing companies as this unpredictable event has slowed down business and decrease productivity. Many co...


What to Do When Your Internet Doesn’t Work

Nowadays everyone relies on their internet connection, whether it’s for streaming on or reading the latest news, and the most unpleasant thing is the moment your internet connection is interrupted. As ...


How Managed Service Provider Help You Work From Home

Companies nationwide, even all over the world, are implementing work from home as requirements in response to the current pandemic. Few companies who have never implemented remote work are certainly experienced...


Layanan Internet Fiber Optic Terbaik di Jakarta

Jakarta yang merupakan ibukota Indonesia adalah kota terbesar di NKRI. Di dunia Internasional, Jakarta mempunyai julukan sebagai J-town atau dikenal pula sebagai The Big Durian karena dianggap sebagai kota yang...


Internet Service Provider Terbaik di Surabaya

Kota Surabaya yang merupakan Ibukota Provinsi Jawa Timur adalah kota terbesar kedua setelah Jakarta. Surabaya juga dikenal sebagai kota metropolitan di provinsi yang berlokasi di ujung timur pulau jawa tersebut...

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Differences of Cable Internet and Satelite Internet

You use the Internet for almost anything – to send emails, pay bills, keep in touch with friends and family, checking bank accounts, and even shop and watch TV. It’s important to have a reliable hig...


Improving Public Services Quality through E-Government

Serving the public is the duty of every government. IT advancement provides an opportunity for the government to improve the quality of services to citizens. This not only means providing services more quickly ...


Apakah Perbedaan Dari WiFi Booster, WiFi Repeater Dan WiFi Extender?

What is WiFi Booster, WiFi Repeater, and WiFi Extender?WiFi booster, repeater and extender are devices that expand your WiFi coverage by rebroadcasting your WiFi signal. You might find that their names are used...

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