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Why Fiber Optic Cables Connections Are Faster Than Regular Cables

Broadband connections have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years in both urban and rural areas. There is a huge improvement in this service in the business world where entrepreneurs want to promote...

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Aruba: Managing Network Solution for JACCS MPM Finance

Different companies come with different needs. Moreover, the size and the location of a company often affect the kind of management they need to perform between buildings and branches. For example, a company wi...

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Redefining Working From Home With Aruba From Hypernet

COVID-19 hits the world with not only a plague but also stories. Take a look at what happened to some developing companies as this unpredictable event has slowed down business and decrease productivity. Many co...


What to Do When Your Internet Doesn’t Work

Nowadays everyone relies on their internet connection, whether it’s for streaming on or reading the latest news, and the most unpleasant thing is the moment your internet connection is interrupted. As ...

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We Are Here For Your Business

Dear our valued Customers and Partners, All management and employees of Hypernet would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust in us all this time. We would like to inform you that d...


Stay Connected Promo

Get a 50% discount on installation fees & subscription for the first 3 months. (New customers only who register in the April to June 2020 period)

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Ease of Monitoring Body Temperature With Easy Steps without Contact

Easier and more accurate in conducting surveillance, with better supervision, prevention of disease can be done optimally

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Stay Productive With Microsoft Teams

By making Teams available to everyone, we intend to support public safety and health by keeping the team connected when working remotely. Come on, it’s time #KerjaCaraBaru with Microsoft Teams! For the...


How Managed Service Provider Help You Work From Home

Companies nationwide, even all over the world, are implementing work from home as requirements in response to the current pandemic. Few companies who have never implemented remote work are certainly experienced...


Hypernet on HITA Banten 1st Anniversary

Hypernet as HITA Banten event’s partner Hypernet became HITA Banten’s partner in celebrating HITA Banten’s first anniversary on March 14, 2020. Aside from being the event partner, the Hype...