Professional Service.


Hypernet IT Professional Service.

Hypernet Professional Service is an IT (information and technology) resource management for clients. This includes human resource management, system and network infrastructure, and integration of all activities regarding those resources.

Hypernet understands that the information resources and technologies require supervision, handling and good maintenance. The understanding of this development has directed Hypernet to develop Professional Service. It provides solutions to the needs of clients in establishing and fostering IT department in the organization's functions. This service is a concrete form of total customizable IT management that has significant impact on the efficiency of investment and operational costs. It can also manage all IT resources that are owned or leased by the client, even components supplied by other IT service providers.


EOS Management Service

Engineer On Site is a service in which we assign our IT personnel to handle and answer client’s IT needs. This service allows clients to meet individuals who are competent to handle a wide scope of IT jobs in their organizations.



Maintenance Support Services is a technical support service for information and technology that can be done online (with the software via the internet) and offline (direct site visits). Maintenance Support can be scheduled according to the client’s needs.


RMM Management Service

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) is an online centralized service control (monitoring) and management of clients’ Personal Computer devices. These services are designed to meet the needs of companies that have large amount of assets in the form of Personal Computers.