MSP Solution.


MSP Solution by Hypernet. Integrated Managed Service Provider

MSP (Managed Service Provider) is an integrated service of resource provision and IT management. With a commitment to doing research and development,. Hypernet has designed thorough MSP service to answer the needs of various industries and sectors.

IT infrastructure has become a fundamental need for various business fields. However, developing an IIT department (information and technology) within an enterprise requires a significant amount of investment. Hypernet as a Managed Service Provider will answer these problems. Coming in the form of MSP services that have been designed for a wide range of industrial needs with specific details, the entire service is fully customizable based on the client’s needs. Hypernet MSP services include the provision of network infrastructure (internet connection and other services) and human resources (technicians), as well as management of client’s IT assets.



The need of information and technology in the hospitality industry has become one of the factors that determine visitor preferences. Managed Service Provider for hospitality industry provides solutions to support the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition). We have integrated internet and communication in order to increase visitors’ convenience in conducting business activities. Learn More Here >>



Education industry is in need of specific IT infrastructure . With the aim to optimize the value delivery from teachers to students, education industry needs IT infrastructure applications that support teaching and learning processes, such as cloud application that serves to facilitate interaction between students and teachers and monitor the implementation of digital content security. Learn More Here >>



Tight competition in retail business has required companies to build the right IT systems in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. Managed Service Provider is designed to optimize the experience of retail visitors and communication between retail branches, such as social media activation, a cloud-based POS systems and Internet-based interactive communications. Learn More Here >>



IT network and infrastructure have become a critical part of the healthcare industry. This service aims to improve the quality of service for hospital or clinic patients. We provide queuing system and registration, medical data online, as well as the optimization of efficiency in terms of hospital operationals. Learn More Here >>



The financial sector requires a reliable integrated systems for data security as well as improved quality of service. MSP for finance industry is designed to support service activities, such as "branchless" interaction between client service with clients, financial transaction data security, and optimization of interactive communication between office branches. Learn More Here >>



This service aims to help the government provide reliable, secured, and efficient public services, including e-government infrastructure, network solutions, cross-functional collaboration, and the smart city infrastructure. Learn More Here >>