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VPN by Hypernet. Virtual Network Service.

Having information infrastructure and technology that can improve the operational functions of a company is an investment that every business institution values. Therefore, Hypernet has developed a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. VPN can be customized to follow the client’s needs.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service is a service that uses the Internet as a base for operations. Virtual Private Network is a network that connects between head office and branch offices of a company or between the office with the remote user. These networks can be used as a communication network as well as data exchange network. Hypernet VPN service has been developed to optimize efficiency in the the company's operational aspects. These services can be customized completely with the client’s resources or if the client has other IT service providers.


Secure Remote Access

Secured remote access by authentication and data encryption SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Multisite Control

Can be used to access various locations through one central location or internet

Good Compatibility

Using TCP IP protocol so that it can function in the Internet or a LAN (Local Area Network)

Instant Setup

The dial PPTP / PPOE is enough for it to be able connect to the VPN network

Global Coverage

Connect from anywhere

Cost Efficient

Optimize cost efficiency because it can run a variety of applications from a single location