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V-Sat by Hypernet. Satellite Internet Connection Service.

The need for internet connection sometimes faces obstacles in the form of network infrastructure not being able to reach the scope of areas covered. To overcome these problems, Hypernet has developed V-Sat internet connection that uses satellite C-Band or Ku-Band as the medium.

V-Sat services is an effective internet connection service to reach remote areas that are not included in the scope of network infrastructure. V-Sat technology can also be applied to an active Internet connection at a moving location with high mobility such as ships sailing in the ocean, or moving cars. V-Sat technology is in accordance with the situation of a user who has a warehouse or a branch office located in locations difficult to reach by communications media, such as in the mining and plantations industry.

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V-Sat Antenna Installation. Borneo - Indonesia.

Capacity bandwidth for V-Sat services ranges from 128 Kbps up to 10 Mbps with different upload and download ratios. All the features of V-Sat services, including bandwidth capacity, can be customized according to the needs of clients.



V-Sat antenna can automatically adjust the coordinates in locations that move or migrate

Global Coverage

Area range covers the entire Indonesian territory, including remote area and in the middle of the sea


All the features of V-Sat services can be customized and modified based on the needs of the clients

Fast Installation

Easy installation of a satellite signal transmitter antenna with the output in the form of an ethernet cable