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Hyper Hotspot by Hypernet. Free Wi-Fi Connection Service.

Free Wi-Fi is a part of the key determinants that define their visitors’ preferences. However, not retail businesses can maximize the potential of free Wi-Fi to increase the value of their business. Hyper Hotspot is here to take advantage of these opportunities.

Hyper Hotspot is a service that optimizes free Wi-Fi service for users by combining the functions of free Wi-Fi and marketing through social media. Users can log into Wi-Fi Hyper Hotspot by using their social media account or e-mail address and telephone number. After the free Wi-Fi users log in with their social media accounts, there will be a status update on the accounts used. If they log in by using email or telephone number, the data will be saved in client database. This way, our business clients are doing viral marketing and collecting useful client database at the same time.

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Hyper Hotspot Log In Screen. Jakarta - Indonesia.

Hyper Hotspot log in page can be customized based on what the clients want and need. It can be used by our clients as a promotional tool or way to advertise their products. By optimizing the implementation of free Wi-Fi, Hyper Hotspot provides an opportunity to increase the value of the client's business.


Free Monthly Cost

No monthly fee -- clients only need to pay for installation fee and Wi-Fi devices

Brand Awareness Platform

Provide log in using social media feature to increase brand awareness

Customized Log In

The system can be customized to logging in using social media, passwords, SMS, or e-mail. The login page can be used to place advertisements

High Performance Wi-Fi

Bandwidth capacity which ranges from 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps can be adjusted with hotspot range