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Fion by Hypernet. Fiber Optic Internet Connection Service.

In order to fulfill the needs of internet with greater bandwidth capacity and guaranteed network quality, Hypernet has developed Fion Fiber Optic service. By utilizing metro Ethernet and fiber to the home (FTTH) technology, the network quality of Fion will never experience downtime (99.5% guaranteed) – making this service suitable for business.

The development of various forms of business applications today--financial applications, cloud-based applications, the application of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other online applications that are used by various companies—has triggered the need for Internet connection services that facilitate the use of such applications. Fion, then, is here to address the challenges and meet the needs of companies in Indonesia. The services are designed to meet the needs of high internet usage intensity for corporations, and the needs of high-performance connections consistent with the capacity of relatively large bandwidth.

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Fion Installation. Jakarta - Indonesia.

To optimalize Fion service, Hypernet has made a partnership with some Internet Service Providers and reached more than 500 offices in Jakarta as well as core business districts in other big cities in Indonesia.


Unlimited Internet Access

Unlimited 24/7 internet connection that can easily be accessed by clients

Symmetrical Bandwidth

Symmetrical bandwidth with the same upload and download capacity. This gives better internet connection performance in sending and receiving data.

Google Cache

Faster access to Google and Youtube due to the utilization of mirror server in our data center.

High Reliability

99% guarantee that maximum downtime will only be for 7 hours and 20 minutes during the span of one month. The excess downtime will be translated as discount in monthly service fees

Low Latency

Response time below 10 ms – reducing delay time to open Video Conference, Skype, and VOIP applications


Free from signal interference as well as weather influences due to the usage of fiber optic cable medium

Extensive Coverage

With a wide range of network reach, Fion service can cover all big cities in Indonesia