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Airin by Hypernet. Wireless Internet Connection Service

Realizing the needs of society toward reliable internet connection, Hypernet has developed Airin Wireless technology. Airin operates in 5 GHz frequency and is able to be accessed for 24 hours. Airin Wireless technology can be customized and adjusted to the needs of clients.

Using a series of radio network transmitters operating in 5 GHz frequency, Airin has become a form of internet connection that is free from signal interference as well as weather influences. The features of the service, such as bandwidth capacity, usage procedures and user security, can be fully customized based on the needs of the clients. The simple infrastructure enables Airin to be easily maintained. This then minimizes the downtime risk and accelerates the connection repair process when downtime occurs.

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Airin Maintenance Process. Jakarta - Indonesia.


Unlimited Internet Access

Unlimited 24/7 internet connection that can be accessed by clients

Symmetrical Bandwidth

Symmetrical bandwidth with the same upload and download capacity. This gives better internet connection performance in sending and receiving data

Google Cache

Faster access to Google and Youtube due to the utilization of mirror server in our data center

High Reliability

99% guarantee that maximum downtime will only be for 7 hours and 20 minutes during the span of one month. The excess downtime will be translated as discount in monthly service fees


The features of Airin service can be customized and adjusted to the needs of the clients

Fast Installation

The service can be activated in maximum of three days after clients’ location survey

Quick Recovery

Maximum 12 hours of network repair if downtime occurs