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Smart Home by Hypernet. Integrated Home Control Service.

Smart Home Service is an information service and integrated technology-based hardware and software with a focus on maximizing the safety and comfort of the owners of residential homes (either houses or apartments). This service uses remote (remote control) in the form of a user's smartphone.

The concept of Smart Home is the digitalization of various household devices to the internet network is to simplify the use and control of the entire device by way of remote (remote control). Some examples of devices that can be controlled using the technology of Smart Home is a television, air conditioner, lights and access door that can be activated or deactivated using a smartphone through the Internet. Smart Home technologies also serve to improve the security with media censorship, CCTV and alarm notification to homeowners via e-mail or SMS.


Smart Home Remote Controlling. Jakarta - Indonesia.

Smart Home Service’s aim is to optimize the efficiency of energy use in residential homes as well as provide better and thorough security monitoring for 24 hours. Service Smart Home is fully customizable and compatible with all types of smartphones.