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Blackbox Corporate by Hypernet. Integrated Hospitality Service.

Information and technology has become a fundamental need for companies. Corporate Blackbox service aims to optimize operational efficiency in business context. Corporate Blackbox is a combination of software and hardware focused on the function of the security and efficiency for the company.

Information and technology has become one of the basic foundation for a wide range of corporations doing business in Indonesia. To provide IT services that are relevant to the needs of business enterprises, Hypernet has developed Blackbox Corporate service which is designed to provide a solution for the situation and needs of corporations, particularly the optimization of efficiency in operations and security. By combining these two main functions into a single device, Blackbox Corporate has become an integrated service that can simultaneously perform the function of Unified Threat Management, caching, routers and firewalls.


Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming

Using a single SSID so that users do not have to relog in when changing locations

High Compatibility

Can be used by all devices, including smartphones.

Zero Configuration

Guest clients do not need to configure the device, including e-mail facilities

Captive Portal

Display attractive portal and login system that can be adjusted using the guest's name, sms, e-mail or social media accounts

Social Media Log In

Visitors can log in using their social media accounts. Once logged in, the system will automatically post status update on the account of visitors, thus making use of viral marketing targeted to Blackbox Hospitality’s clients

Performance Management System Integrated

Blackbox system can be connected directly to the client's server PMS service and can gather visitor data when visitors log in

Zero Investment

Hypernet provides lending Wi-Fi devices and servers, so clients do not need to pay for the purchase

Report Analysis Monitoring

Data about Wi-Fi usage can be obtained online through the website

Bandwidth Management

Clients can set the bandwidth capacity to each user's Wi-Fi and perform blocking access at certain times