Integrated System.

integrated system

Hypernet Information and Technology Integrated System.

As a concrete way to improve IT services to clients, Hypernet has developed various forms of integrated IT services that are designed to handle a wide scope of jobs in one device. Integrated Service System is ready to deliver efficient IT services for clients.

Due to observations and needs development of various forms of IT services, Hypernet has designed Integrated System service that aims to improve the efficiency of IT services for clients. Hypernet Integrated Service System is a combination of a wide range of IT services functions which can handle different types of jobs in the same time and are grouped according to the user context. Using a base of hardware and software, Integrated System service provides a fully customizable solution based on the conditions and needs of clients, making the service relevant to the variation in the context of Indonesian business.


integrated system BLACKBOX HOSPITALITY
Blackbox is an integration of various software functions in a hardware. Blackbox Hospitality is a form of services targeted at the hospitality industry in Indonesia. This service combines the functions of information management and technology and optimizes the Wi-Fi services that have an impact on improvement of the client's business value.
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integrated system BLACKBOX CORPORATE
Blackbox is an integration of various software functions in a hardware. Corporate Blackbox is a form of service targeted at corporations in Indonesia. This service combines the functions of information and technology that have an impact on operational efficiency and improvement of client's security. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite Translator
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integrated system OPEN WIFI
Open Wi-Fi is an Integrated System service in the form of software (software). Open Wi-Fi combines the functions of Wi-Fi services with cloud-based advertising. As part of Wi-Fi Hotspot development in general, the whole feature on Open Wi-Fi can be fully customized to client's equirements including system access and log in display.
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integrated system UNIFIED COM
Unified Communication is an integrated IT service aimed at optimizing our client's communication network infrastructure. This service combines VoIP with video conferencing that can be accessed through any device. Unified Communication service optimizes the efficiency of our client's communications network.
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integrated system SMART HOME
Hypernet Smart Home Service is a service that combines software and hardware to optimize the safety and comfort in the residential areas. The concept of Smart Home is digitalization of various household devices in a system connected to the internet network in order to do remote controlling.
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