Company Background and Milestones.

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Hypernet First Lab.2002.

Hypernet began its existence from a simple internet cafe in 1998.The internet café had three branches in Jakarta in 2002.Hypernet started to build its first wireless infrastructure in 2005.Officially became a legal corporation and become one of the Internet Service Provider in Indonesia in 2007.

Hypernet commits to elevate its service quality and capacity as a Managed Service Provider company and to expand its IT infrastructure development for various cities in Indonesia. At this time, Hypernet has been serving over than 2000 corporations and already owned several branches throughout Indonesia.

Continuous innovation and wireless infrastructure expansion to the big cities in Indonesia are the keys of success in Hypernet to fulfill its vision as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) company that provides the best information and technology services in Indonesia.


Hypernet started its wireless internet infrastructure development in Cibinong, Bogor, and the surrounding areas with schools and internet cafes as its target markets.


Hypernet cooperated with Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta to build an internet network infrastructure and services for the dormitories around the university.


Hypernet officially became a legal corporation named PT Hipernet Indodata in January 27th 2007, and then used ‘Hypernet’ as its brand name to be publicly known.


Hypernet earned its operating license for internet services from Depkominfo RI No. 88/DIRJEN/2008 and launched its broadband wireless internet services in Jakarta and the surrounding areas.


Hypernet launched its hosting service and data center co-location in Jakarta. In 2009, Hypernet also became the member of Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII).


Hypernet opened its branch in Bandung and also built a network infrastructure. Hypernet launched its fiber optic-based service in Jakarta and the surrounding areas.


Hypernet opened its branch in Cirebon on January and in Surabaya on October. Hypernet also launched its residential internet service named MyLink in Jakarta dan Surabaya.


Hypernet started to build its fiber optic-based infrastructure in Jakarta. Hypernet also launched an internet and infrastructure-based solution service for hospitality industry. Last but not least, Hypernet started to become official internet partner for various events and concerts in Jakarta.


Hypernet opened its branch in Bali on June and in Lampung on October. Hypernet was chosen to be the official internet partner for Archipelago Group (Aston International).


Hypernet developed and elevated its quality of IT services owned as a whole. Hypernet started to build internal and external infrastructure for its company to extend its quality services offered to the customer. Hypernet also launched Managed Service Provider in Indonesia.


Hypernet transformed the position of the ISP into a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with various and solutions in information and technology.