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Join Hypernet Citizenship.

Hypernet is always open to all individuals with professional commitment, who ready to become development-oriented towards a better direction in the future. Through the readiness of continuous improvements, Hypernet has a wide variety of professional positions with potential career paths for every personnel who works for the organization.


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As an organizational function that is required to always focus on innovation and service improvements, research and development technology department looks for new talents in the field of information and technology. The potential positions in RnD are research and development staff, supervisor, global technology observer, and other professional positions.


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Corporate sales department is an organizational function responsible for spearheading the company in actualizing potential business opportunities into real business expansion. As one of the function that represents company’s image through direct interaction with costumers as well as with potential ones, corporate sales personnel at Hypernet has their own training standard and individual development program that are consistently implemented in order to increase their competencies.


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The main activities of Managed Service Provider belongs to technology operation department at Hypernet. As a fundamental part of Managed Service Provider operation, technology operation department is always open for individuals with competencies in information and technology area. Potential professional positions in this department are technician and technician supervisor, network operation staff and supervisor, and other professional positions.


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Other than those three departments, Hypernet has other organizational functions which offer professional positions for talented individuals in Indonesia. Finance department, human resource department, as well as brand and marketing communication department; they have their own uniqueness and respective challenges to overcome. With a wide variety of job positions available, clear and trustworthy work agenda, and a supportive work environment, Hypernet exists to become an ideal workplace to build a good professional career.