Business Model.


Customer Focus Approach. Hypernet MSP Frame of Work

Hypernet Data Service Center is a service which provides a physical and non-physical infrastructure for computer placement, server, as well as network system and its components for a company’s information and technology needs. Hypernet data service center consists of four different types of services.

Hypernet’s activities as a Managed Service Provider company began with an awareness towards a fast, unstoppable global information and technology development. The basis of business intentions at Hypernet is the elevation and development of IT services which designed to fit the customers’ needs. All of the Managed Service Provider owned by Hypernet is always updated, both from the system and devices, as well as the service itself. Hypernet strives to build a relevant and contemporary IT service experience for its customers; named as Customer Focus Approach.


Customer Focus Approach began with an eagerness of the organizational functions to behold and understand the growth of IT area in the global scale. Hypernet sorts and chooses a various possibility of every relevant IT services’ form to fit the business climate in Indonesia. This understanding followed by the research and development department to be processed further - to make some IT services that fit the industrial development in Indonesia and can be adjusted according to the customers’ needs.


Frame 12

Research and development (RnD) department at Hypernet never stops to innovate and lift up the quality of its services. Th RnD department has successfully designed signature MSP services both in the form of software and hardware; such as blackbox service, smart home, and so forth. These services are developed to ease and to add business value to its customers.


Hypernet listens and pays attention thoroughly to the conditions of its customers, and then aim to give the right MSP solutions according to the customers’ situation.


Frame 19

Hypernet believes that every service given to the customers is an interaction that should be maintained and improved. Therefore, Hypernet stands side by side with the customers, listens, and pays attention thoroughly with various types of possible service improvements which can be implemented to achieve a better service for its customers.