Frame 08

Hypernet is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) company with information capacity and technology services that is completely adjustable to fit the customers’ needs. With our commitment to always give the best information and technology services in Indonesia, Hypernet strives to answer all information and technology needs.

As a Managed Service Provider company, Hypernet offers provision services as well as information resources and technology maintenance in the form of software and hardware. Hypernet also provides human resources maintenance needed or owned by the customers.

To respond to different information and technology needs that currently become a basic need for business people in the country, our commitment to provide the best information and technology services has been obtained by developing various services in different scopes; begin with internet connection services, information and technology infrastructure, integrated system, along with maintenance and management services.


The main vision of Hypernet as an Indonesian Managed Service Provider (MSP) is to become a company who provides trustworthy and reliable information technology (IT) services both in shapes and quality and who is adaptive to customers’ needs and any changes in the country.



Hypernet commits to provide the best IT service experience to all of the customers.


Hypernet commits to create relevancy between IT infrastructure development and expansion with customers’ needs.


3. Hypernet commits to consistently elevate and develop all the services to respond to any challenges ahead.



Hypernet commits to add value to every service offered to the customers. To achieve that goal, Hypernet carries out a thorough observation about the evolution of information and technology in a global scale. Hypernet also separate and implement that development to every service provided so that it can be relevant with all the IT needs in Indonesia. To achieve optimum result, Hypernet develops a working frame named Customer Focus Approach (CFA).



Hypernet is a form of collective work from individuals in the organization as a company. Hypernet believes that the best services come from the best human resources. Therefore, Hypernet choose, develop, and set human resources quality standards for all the individuals incorporated in the company.